Spark Plugs

On the Fonteva Platform, Spark Plugs enable custom Lightning Components to allow for a custom flow. The platform also enables multiple components to display on each extension point.

Below are the areas where we allow extensions:

  1. On Click - Add to Order
    Executed after the "Add To Cart" button is clicked.
  2. Load - Shopping Cart
    Executed when the Shopping Cart page is loaded.
  3. Load - Checkout
    Executed when the Checkout page is loaded.
  4. Load - Invoice Payment
    Executed when the Invoice Payment page is loaded.
  5. Load - Payment Confirmation
    Executed when the confirmation page is loaded to show receipt.

Add to Cart Example
This example will outline how to display a custom Lightning Component when the "Add To Cart" button is clicked on the Item Detail page. You will need the following:

  1. Lightning Component
    The component needs to implement a particular interface to make sure all data from the Spark Plug is pushed down to the component. The component needs to be global and implement "FDService:SparkPlugComponentInterface". Once that is done, this component is ready to use. Spark Plug Example. In this component, there are a few events that are used. They are explained below:
    • FDService:SparkPlugLoadedEvent: This event should be fired when the Lightning Component has fully loaded to hide the loader.
    • FDService:SparkPlugCompleteEvent: This event should be fired when the Lightning Component has completed its work. This will instruct the container to show the next component or hide the container if no components are left to display.
  2. Custom Metadata Type record
    Configuration record that will instruct the container to display the desired Lightning Component. Add To Cart CMT