This repo has sample code for using/extending the Fonteva Services platform.

Payment Engine

This section outlines how to extend and overwrite the Fonteva Payment framework. Many folks have requirements beyond what is incuded in the base product. This engine allows developers to fulfill that requirement. Included in this repo are full code examples that can be directly deployed.

Service Examples

The Fonteva Services platform ships two types of services. Both are outlined with examples here. You will learn how to extend and overwrite services that are shipped as part of the platform.

Wrapper Examples

All SObjects are wrapped in Apex classes to make sure that DMLs occur through our services. Examples show how to extend wrappers for any custom fields added outside of the platform.

Spark Plugs Examples

Spark Plugs enable custom UI inside a Fonteva Platform flow. This can be done seamlessly in multiple locations. Examples will show what the Lightning Component needs to look like and the CMT (Custom Metadata Type).

Other Examples

This section outlines other miscellaneous actions on the Fonteva Platform, such as contextually disabling triggers.